"Don't eeeeeven think of asking us if it's our boyfriends bike...."


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What is a Sportbikegirl?

Me and ma boys recently, I rode a CBR900 RR The most bomb big bore bike out!A "Sportbikegirl" is a woman who knows the difference between a 929 and an R1. She either rides a sportbike or surely has plans to! Safety is a top priority in fact it's the only way to go. Always going protected with gloves, a good helmet and boots are the minimum's. Meeting the boys in the early a.m. on Sunday's is the highlight of her week. Factory superbike t-shirts are apart of her every day attire. Scheduling work and vacation time around A.M.A. events is sneaky but oh-so-necessary! Grease under the nails ain't no big thing because that oil change she just did herself just saved her $15.00 and losing her bike for a half day at a dealership. Yuck, screw that! Confident, fiery, outgoing and hardcore she knows how to ride! Riding in a bikini and sandals just isn't  cool. You won't find anything but authentic, beautiful, inside and out.. women in here!

 If you pilot a sportbike yourself you should feelThis is the female symbol proud!! This is not an easy sport to get into by any means and it takes a special kind of gal to enter it.  If you require any infomation about how to be a good passenger look here. I think of all riders male or female as my brother or sister. I wave to all sportbikes and usually get a wave back. My first true taste of skillful riding came when I took the Motorcycle Safety Foundation's rider school. $95.00 well spent I'll tell you that. The Honda Nighthawk 250 was simply perfect for me and I learned so much.  The conclusion, I highly reccomend taking the MSF courses offered, as they are quite helpful. This is the first taste of riding you will have and it's a pretty cool feeling shifting into second gear in a parking lot and getting your first sense of real freedom. Once on the road, waving to fellow sport biker's is pretty cool . Best of all is the acceptance factor, at first when I rode into Fat Burger here in Vegas, I had all eyes on me. I was a little nervous but quickly got over it because after speaking with a few people I relaxed and proved that I wasn't just another pretty face. But that I could ride, and ride well. Being strong emotionally is what makes or breaks you in this sport. Don't take crap off of anyone, be the girl they remember and call on weekends to participate in those group rides. If you score that you are in for life.


You will encounter the often typical ego maniac who just cannot get used to a chick on two wheels. You get stupid questions, looks, whispers and rude points. SCREW EM! The fact that they are taking the time out of their day  to try and annoy you says what true idiocy is. When I get asked a stupid question about " Is that your bike" or "do you really ride that thing", I simply give a precise, educated answer to throw them off thus making them look dumber than they already are.


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