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Updated May 2006

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Road racing women


This is Vicky Jackson Bell, She races a privately funded 125cc beast at many-a-races. She is a very nice person and is also very approachable.


Girl Friends

The first annual all women road racer school by nonother than Freddie Spencer. My girl pal Brenda emailed me this photo. From left to right bottom row: Vicky Jackson Bell, Nick Ienatsh, Freddie Spencer, Dale Keiffer and Jeff Haney. The rest are all girlies sporting leather and toting helmets!! COOL!


Name: Suzanne

Bike: VFR800

Name: Suzi

Bike: CBR929RR

Suzi on her 929rr showing us how it's handed

Danielle and her ZX7R Name: Danielle

Bike: ZX7R

Name: Christy

Bike: Gixxer 600

Christy and her Gixxer 600
Brenda and her F4i Name: Brenda

Bike: F4i

Name: Christine

Bike: ZX6E



Name: Anga 

Bike: CBR600

Name: Anne 

Bike: GS-500

Name: Yvette 

Bike: VFR

Name: Sylvia 

Bike: CBR 900RR

Name: "Gixxer Chick" 

Bike: Gixxer 600

Name: Dara

Bike: Ninja 250

Name: Tabitha 

Bike: CBR600F4

Name: Michelle 

Bike: R6

Say hello to Amy from Ohio! Name: Amy 

Bike: ZX-6D

Name: Suz 

Bike: CBR600

Suz  on her CBR 600 F4 in the Harz Mountains Germany!!
Name: Sherry

Bike: ZX6R

Name: Feleena

Bike: ZX6E

Here is my Irish Girlie Biker Buddy on her CBR400!! Name: Lynne

Bike: CBR-400

Name: Alexandra 

Bike: ZZR-250

My friend DJ--better known as Ducati_girl Name: D.J. "Ducati Girl" 

Bike: 748

Name: Cookie

Bike: CBR600-F4

cookie and her new toy!!!
 This is linda on her 996 off of Name: Linda 

Bike: Duc 748

Name: Yvonne

Bike: R1

 This is Yvonne, also

Bike: F4

My best girlie friend Kirsty on her CBR600-F2. She resides in Novia Scotia Canada but we keep in touch regularly! She's my girl.

 Kirsty on her Honda



Anna on her flying pumpkin :) Name: Anna

Bike: CBR600F4

Name: Lucie

Bike: Her dad's ZX9R

 Lucie and a ZX9R
Maria on her blade Name: Maria

Bike: CBR900RR

Name: Shelly AKA "Foxy"

Bike: ZR7

 Foxy on her ZR7 check out her website in my links page
 My girl Dianne Name: Dianne

Bike: YZF750

Name: Anna

Bike: Superhawk

Rachel Name: Rachel aka "Fuzzygalore"

Bike: ZX6R

Name: Melissa

Bike: CB-1

My girl friend Melissa on her CB-1 YOU GO GIRL!!!

Name: Paula

Bike: EX500

Name: Cari Parker (GixxerGirl 2k2)

Name: Melissa (the paramedic)

Bike: 2005 Yamaha R6