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Please note: Tiffany lost her fight with Melanoma on October 8th. For more information please visit this Link.


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Name: Tiffany/Sportbikegirl

I finally met the man! Mick Doohan- Click to EnlargeAge: 23

Astrological sign: A feisty Leo- Don't screw with me!

Height: 5'8

Weight: 125lbs 

Hair:  Brown, super short and growing back from losing it all. It will go blonde very soon.

Hobbies: Motorsports photography, writing for magazines freelance, working on my website, canyon carving, hanging with my friends, watching movies and track day's.

Stuff I can't stand: Negativity, pitty, chicks who pose on bikes that aren't even theirs, compulsive arguer's, mayonnaise, sweet pickles, spineless people, stick figured models, closed minded individuals, judge mentalists, and our pathetic excuse for a judicial system.

Stuff I like: Hot tea, hot wings w/ranch, cooking, Southpark, individuality, dancing, racing, traveling, guns, action movies, patent leather pants, purple, erotic novels ( yeah!) Thai Food and Chinese food.

Chicks I like: Angelina Jolie, Jenna Jameson, Janine Lindemolder, Charlize Theron and Carmen Electra. 

Some of the most important things I've learned so far: It's no one's place to tell you how to look, or what to eat. Screw that! If I want to eat a freakin' doughnut I will! You have to feel sexy to be sexy, it comes from the inside and radiates outward. Sometimes you  have to make yourself come first in your life. Only you can get yourself through life, no one else can. If people call you selfish for that it's their loss. Prioritizing who your true friends are is very important. A true friend is someone who knows everything about you and still likes you anyway. Think to yourself, who can you call at 2am for an emergency? Will they drop everything no questions asked to help you? If so congrats!! That's a real friend.

Goals: To beat cancer, become a moto-journalist & race in CCS*  ( Sponsors needed)

Bike: Honda 1996 CBR900RR

Favorite Bike/Dream Bike: Honda CBR900RR / RC-51

Favorite Quotes: "Anyone can ride fast in a straight line, it only counts in the twisties", "Safety gear isn't a fashion statement, it's a state of mind" (Both which I came up with.)

She's Racing!

I am now in CCS Racing for the Southwest region. I took and passed their racing school and after summer break I will be racing. I don't know yet what class since I don't have a bike yet. I will probably get an F3/F4 or an SV650. And with those bikes you can race many different classes. CCS is a fantastic racing organization that is well run by the caring staff and all of the racers who are apart of it treat you like family. See Championship Cup Racing's website.

The Sportbikegirl exiting turn 1 LVMS

Drifting out of turn 1 Now that's using every inch of the racetrack! Draggin' knee...
This is my bike, ain't she a beauty? Turn 1 Me posing with my bike-note the T-shirt. It say's " My boyfriends faster than your boyfriend"


Draggin' knee's and taking names...

  Turn 8 LVMS Outdoor road course

This is yours truly on her new bike riding at a track day in Las Vegas, Nv. I am finally turning some good lap times. On a roughly two mile track I am doing 1:36's now. This track is fantastic with it's new re-pavement and layout. Often times our own local hero Fast Freddie Spencer comes out to watch, hang out and show us some of his talents at lunch time. I would say the biggest compliment I have received from my friends and fellow riders is that I am incredibly smooth and hard to pass. Dicing it up between my friends Benjamin and Gary was a ton of fun. I finally got to show those boys that I was more than just a pretty face, but that I can really ride that big bike!  Dale Kieffer of Racer's Edge ( Plug Plug ) puts on the track day's. He's a great guy and does a great job running them. Thanks Dale!

Me on my new 900RR at a track day May 13th 2001- this is a horseshoe turn ( 8)


  The determination to live...

Tiffany's On-line article - Please Read!

Online Article about Skin Cancer- Please Read!

Eastern Creek Raceway, May 2000. Mick Doohan used to race the GP's at this track, and to think I was in the same place as him...whoa!A week after in hospital chemo therapy I rode on back of a CBR900RR for an entire weekend...tired , fever, and nauseous or not!  Nov 26th 2000 I experienced a complication with my incision site from a recent operation. My leg literally exploded the day before my track day dumping about 2 cups of body fluid onto the right leg of my leathers. With an open wound and constant problems with the fluid I still got out there on that bike and rode my ass off. It was painful and I was limping, but when you are as passionate about track riding as I am you'd ride with one leg if you had to. The cool part is that for those brief 7 hours of riding the last thing I think about is my situation. I get treated equally and no-one showers me with pitty. I don't need it and I don't want it. I am a fighter who ain't giving up yet.

In case you were wondering, I have been diagnosed with  "The" fastest growing cancer in America, Melanoma. Don't think for a minute that  because it's skin cancer that it's not a real cancer. It is and the fact is that one in 75 peoplle will get diagnosed with it and some 8,000 will die each year from it.The battle is hard and the odds are not in my favor. My goal is to educate people on the dangers of the sun. Tan's are highly overrated and do nothing more than damage your skin. I am NOT a sunbather, never have been. What got me was luck and apparently family genetics.

For more information about it  please see my  **Skin Cancer*** awareness information page. 

Bike Experience

  • Honda CBR600F2 92'

  • Honda CBR600F3 97'

  • Honda CBR900RR 95'

  • Honda CBR900RR 96'

  • Honda RVF 400 Racebike 95'

  • Honda RC 30

  • Ducati Monster 750

  • Suzuki  GSXR 750 00' 

  • Suzuki GSX1300F Hayabusa

  • Suzuki GS500E 98'

  • Kawasaki ZX7R 97'

  • Kawasaki ZX9R 95'

  • Kawasaki ZR-7 99'

  • Kawasaki ZX6-E 98'

  • Yamaha R6 racebike 99'

  • Yamaha R1 00'


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