Motorcycle road racing rules:


  Disclaimer: takes no responsibility should you decide to complete the acts below. These rules are for fun only and not to be taken seriously, do at your own risk. And surely don't blame me if you are stupid enough to commit the stuff below..geez!


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  1. To avoid being well rested, leave all race bike prep until the night before race day.

  2. Make sure you get to registration late to ensure good positioning.

  3. Always argue with the race director ( It get's you noticed )

  4. In practice, impress your competitors by attempting to beat the track record in the first practice session.

  5. Remember, cold tires offer maxiumum grip!

  6. Turn one- Full throttle, maximum lean angle & spin the rear tire until you reach the hospital!

  7. Grab a handful of front break @ the apex of any off camber turn.

  8. Always chop the throttle when you know someone is drafting you.

  9. If a rider falls down in front of you, run the lousy bastard over.

  10. In the event of contact with another rider resulting in a crash, remember to give them the finger whilst sliding off of the track.

  11. Passing is allowed under a waving yellow only if a corner marshal isn't looking.

  12. Alcohol sharpens the senses and makes you braver just before any race- especially in the heat.

  13. If your motor let's loose during a race, make sure to weave side to side to leave maximum width oil slick on the racing surface ( What the hell, if you can't finish the race, make damn sure noone else will either!)

  14. Wheelies are always best performed in the pit area where everyone can appreciate them.

  15. Make damn sure you have the best pit mice. ( If you aren't the fastest rider out there, you're sure to be the most envied)

Copyright 2002-2003