"Passenger 101"


Ok, so obviously you are curious what to expect as a woman behind her man on his beloved Japanese work of art. Well here are a few tips that could ultimately make that scary thing the BOMB and make you guys closer in the process!  Here is a big tip....When you are on your ride no matter how freaked out you get please don't cry, dudes hate it when you cry. Suck it up punch him in the crotch and move on. Usually what scares you isn't the ride but more the speed and closeness to the pavement. Ask your man to start small, ride you around town for a while then move up to freeway's and canyon's. Do not go canyon carving unless you two are in-sync with each other ( that usually takes a few rides). 

The Good's

  1. Start small, ride around town first, then work your way up to Sunday morning rides together.

  2. Talk to your man, tell him your fears and concerns. Communication is essential. He won't know till you tell him. Tell him how fast you'd like to go and where to draw the line so he doesn't scare you to death in the first 5 minutes.

  3. Expect hard or quick acceleration, these bike's pack a punch and you need to hang on!

  4. Wear proper riding attire- Jeans, Jacket of a sturdy material, and definitely a shoe that covers the ankle, preferably boots and gotta have the gloves.

  5. Learn what side to enter and exit the bike from- A hot exhaust can burn you if you get too close to it. Then, Sit on the back of the bike with him off of it to observe how you sit, let him give you a leaning test.  Have him say " Ok let me see you lean right or left". Too much or too little could be very bad.

  6. Prop yourself up on the gas tank- With your hands when you are under speed and hang on to him when he accelerates out of stop lights or to pass a vehicle. 

  7. Know when to tuck in behind him-If you allow him to go fast in places, be prepared to dodge the wind blast and tuck in behind him and hold on tightly to his waist.

  8. Finally have a communication system- When to get off  the bike in a parking lot, or If he's going too fast, you tap him hard on his thigh ( This worked for me once when he was terrorizing me on accident and I had to tell him loudly to pull over!). If it's an emergency also have a slap or a punch so he knows what's wrong and can pull over for you.

Best of all, have fun with him. I hope you enjoy it so that you share something you both like and will not feel threatened by in the future. Consider taking an entry level rider's class and learn to handle your own bike giving you both freedom and love for the same things. If you hate it, don't feel bad. At least you tried and you gave it your honest shot.- Tiffany

Disclaimer- I don't take any responsibility whatsoever for using this information and it not working for you. These are tips to aid you in the best possible pillion scenario with your man. Only you can decide what works and what does not. I used these tips and wanted to share them with others, if you mess up or hate me for it, spare me the emails please.