A Letter from Tiffany's Parents

On October 8th at about 5 a.m. pst the world, and particularly the sport bike world, lost a radiant young woman who had fought a valiant battle against a vicious, cruel and terminal disease known as Melanoma "skin cancer". Through no fault of her own, she was handed a burden that no young person should ever have to face.... not knowing how many tomorrows there might be left for her, or if it was possible to beat this vicious disease.... Imagine waking every morning and facing this challenge.

She never complained or said "poor me". She fought hard for three years, through eight surgeries, hospitals in three states, and days, nights and months of chemo that would have killed some people... Through all of this she loved and promoted motorcycles, sports bikes and racing. That is why we as her parents will continue her website and continue her melanoma awareness to the motorcycle / motor sports industry . We will attend various events and promote her views and look forward to meeting some of you.. We have established a non profit foundation in her name. All persons that work in this foundation are volunteers. There are no salaries of any kind so all the funds will be used for awareness. In lieu of flowers, donations may be sent to:

Tiffany Ann Weirbach Melanoma Foundation
P.O. Box 91768
Henderson, Nv. 89009

We will return receipts to any that choose to donate.

The sun does not shine as bright and the nights are longer for us , but we will continue, because she would want that.... She cannot be replaced.

Sincerely, Judd And Faye Weirbach
parents of Tiffany "sportbikegirl" Weirbach