Laguna Seca World Superbike

July 6-8 2001

We arrived in Monterey Thursday July the 5th. We decided to head right to the track to see what wasThis is what you can do when you show up early! happening. Still in near pajama's we parked in the VIP parking inside the paddock and worked our way to Ducati Island where I would pick up my golf cart from the Ducati friends of mine. We drove back over to the paddock and proceeded to drive around and see where everyone was set up. The first place I went to was the Honda pit. And sure enough Nicky Hayden was the first person to see. Then shortly there after more and more racer's appeared. It was great, and the air was jazzed with anticipation! We filmed more and more and then I found Collin Edwards, he waved to the camera with his great smile. Then we saw Ben Bostrom, Anthony Gobert, Miguel Duhamel and more!


Click to EnlargeThe next day we spent at the track and watched qualifying from the hot pit area, then did a bit of shopping around the vendor area's. Friday night we were invited to the Ducati party on Cannery Row. All of the Ducati riders would be present autographing photo's and meeting the fans. They got me right in for autograph's and the first person I met was Ben Bostrom. He was so nice to talk to and did a few photo's with me and my friend (see purple hair). We then met Troy Bayliss, Ruben Xauss, Steve Rapp, and Larry Pegram. All very nice guys who were generous enough to sign over some posters personally! After the party we went to the restaurant Paradiso for a wonderful dinner and viewing of the bike parking lot out front.

Meeting a legend....

Saturday morning we went off to the track again , got my golf cart and started to leave Ducati Island whenMe posing with THE man, click to enlarge all of the sudden it happened. I pulled right in behind my life long hero....Mick Doohan. My jaw dropped and I slammed on the brakes. I said " May I please get a photo with you? I have been writing to your people for years since I got diagnosed with Cancer and my one true wish was to meet you in person". Mick replied " Oh, that's no good, I hope your feeling better". I then asked him if I could give him a hug and he gave me a really good hug and I started to cry. My friend snapped a few photo's and got some video of me and Mick posing for the camera. Then he autographed my T-shirt which will go unwashed from now on to preserve his signature. When I thanked him for his time and he left the tears began streaming down my face in joy. I feel like I was now complete. I had finally met the man people wait all of their lives to meet and it happened. I wish to thank him for taking the time and to the Honda rep Duncan who didn't freak out at me for appearing like a super fan! :)


Me sitting in turn twoSaturday evening I did a track walk with Doug Polen. They let me use my golf cart because of my medical situation so we were able to drive down the famous corkscrew which was steep as HELL! Check out the photo!



In conclusion I had the time of my life at Laguna seca. I met some of the greatest people and some of the greatest racers that I until now, had only seen on television. They included: Frankie Chillie, Collin Edwards, Troy Bayliss, Ben Bostrom, Doug Chandler, Nicky Hayden, Miguel Duhamel, Roger Hayden and Anthony Gobert.

Me and THE man Frankie Chille
Nicky Hayden me, and my friend Roger Hayden and me  


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