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These photo's were taken November 25th and 26th. A meet n' greet took place on Saturday and was followed by a track day on Sunday. Talk about a lot of fun not to mention meeting some bomb friends in person! Everyone was super nice and it felt as though we knew eachother for ever. I piloted a CBR900RR for the day and fell in love all over again. On the track I used Timmy's CBR600F3 *Sigh* totally fit my riding style to boot.

Az Scott, F4 Dan, Riverrunner_2000, Sportbikeworld, and Red Ninja THANKS for a great trip!- Tiffany


What a great turnout for some canyon carving!

Me and my boys!!

Aint we a cute bunch?

Riverrunner_2000, Dmann, me and Robert Basil

Martin the crazy bulgarian and Dmann showing off....they are pretty good at it that's for sure!

Dmann doing a pretty fine endo!

My buddy Scottie showing off for the camera in front of our monstrous pit area!

Nick Ionatsch, Freddie Spencer, myself and Jeff Haney

Tearin' it up at lunch

All ma boys lined up---*sigh*

Taz and Rob dicing a bit....

Now it's Rob and Taz