" Don't get your panties in a bunch....RELAX"

No free toaster ovens or coffee makers here....

This website is catered to the sportbike enthusiast and superbike Racing. If you did not like it, well gee sorry, we won't be sending you a "parting gift". I won't lose sleep over your opinions of me nor will I beg you to stay. If you did write a hate mail to me or try to leave a guest book entry..THANKS!! 

That show's me that 

A: You stayed long enough to form an opinion and 

B: I impacted your life in one way or another and I say thanks! Remember, This is a website, a free domain ( that I pay for) to speak my peace. You think you can do better? Then go learn HTML and let's see how cool your talents really are. 


If you happen to be the lucky bastard to have my chat name's for instant messaging, all I ask is that you don't take things to heart or seriously. It is impossible to read an emotion and no offense is ever intended on my end. I would never be rude or mean to someone for NO reason. So if something "offends " ya then just ask me to clarify and if I did offend ya, I um apologize. For godsakes, don't freak out if I didn't add a smiley face to instill the "joke" quality into what it is I just said.

Also, when I am on line I am usually busy or puttering about the house and sometimes don't see the messages or hear them. If I have a message up saying "do not disturb" or "busy" I have that up because I AM!  All it mean's is that I am logged in but doing something else and I don't have to justify that to anyone :)  <--- that's a smiley face!


Signing a guestbook is a mark that you have been there and wanted to share your experience with us.  Leaving  rude comments is a waste of your own time, we don't waste ours reading it but enjoying hitting "DELETE" then grinning from ear to ear.  I approve all messages and don't allow HTML coding. Not leaving an email address is also pretty weak, you can say it but can't take the heat from a response eh? God man , get a life!


If you chose to notify the webmaster over a correction or a mis-print , we thank you and will do our best to correct it. If you send an email to bitch, moan and groan about my lack of tolerance for Harley Davidson or because you don't like "Women Rider's" then obviously you are wasting your own time and therefore  won't receive a response from me.

Thanks for not freaking out!