"Compliments....and then some"



I was reading your account about dumping fluid in your leathers right before a trackday - you're definitely hardcore!  I managed to completely destroy the ACL in my left knee two days before a 2-day STAR school, and a week or so before an open trackday.  Still did them both, icing the knee down between sessions.  People thought I was insane - I should point them to your site!  :-)

Just wanted to let you know you have my undying admiration and respect for what you're doing; I know you can [best Cartman voice] "Kick that cancer in the nuts!"  Take care...
Paul H. Yoshimune

I stumbled onto your site looking for some info on sportbikes.  Let me begin by saying, I read the negative feedback you received and I was a little puzzled.  I have friends that ride, but have no practical riding experience(I've taken my buddies bikes around the block on a occasion).  What I don't understand about this kid(I say kid, because he sounds as if he's looking for everyone to give him the answers) is that If I get a sportbike like I hope, I'm going to learn to ride from a state endorsed training course so I can get my license.  That's what is required in Michigan to ride legally.  If for whatever reason this course does not adequately answer all of my questions, then I will ask the people I ride with... after all, my mistakes could endanger them too right?  Also, my FRIENDS are more than willing to help me along... thats why there my friends.   Something tells me that this guy lacks social skills and is forced to rely on strangers through the internet to provide him with self esteem he lacks to get the answers he needs.  I wouldn't his bs... I found your site to be plenty informative with a high interest level.  A point of view that is refreshing and un
biased.  I wonder if he glanced at you riding experience?  There's a few bikes on there... maybe
even a few he may purchase someday.

Well, never mind him, I was wondering your opinion on the Ducati Monster for a beginner?  I really like that machine... it's kind of half sport and half  street, just like me.  What do you think?  Too much?  What
size?  Realiable for someone who hasn't a clue of possible problems?


Hi Tiffany, I just ran across your site and I would like to applaud you on a good job. You are the girl of my dreams, so will you marry me? No, seriously though keep up the good work and happy riding.

Later, James

I found your site by clickin and bouncin from the Las Vegas Extremes site. First thing I had to do was to see who in the hell was woman enough to jump on a 900RR.  I must say that I am truly impressed by the bike and the woman (more by the woman)  You are a true beauty.  Enjoyed the site.  Keep up the
good work.

Brent Cooper- email

Hi Tiffany,

I love your site. In fact I envy you in a great inspirational way. Russ, my husband, said he had emailed you and showed me your site. I'm 26 years old and had my first diagnosis of melanoma when I was 23. I had a skin graft on the top of my left foot. Two years later I got pregnant with twins and noticed a lump in my groin. Had it biopsied and it was melanoma again. So, with 6 month old twin girls under my wing I had surgery to remove 12 lymph nodes with only one being cancerous. I felt life was quite unfair this past January. Because not only was I coping with new babies, recovering from nasty surgery I had to go to the hospital for high dose interferon every day for a month. I'm now currently self injecting. Well.... Russ does it for me.:-) Did you have treatment such as interferon or know anyone who has?

    Now on to motorcycles!! I'm still just a passenger because of all of the curves life has thrown at me over the past few years. From cancer to kids. So my skin crawls when I see women pursuing thier passion. I actually get mad with envy. I hope to ride an R6 after a year of gaining street experience on a burger bike. But until I get registered into the course Russ and I will continue to rip up the dirt on our dirt bikes. I ride a KDS200. Lots of bite and bruises on that thing.

    Thanks for having a great site to check out. And keep up the great melanoma awareness!!!


I can't remember how/when I first found your site, but I can tell you I
marked it as a "favorite" intending to come back purely for prurient reasons
-- Face it ... you're cute, and you have pics of other cute girls on the
site.  And I'm a guy.

Say no more.

But I've just finished reading all of the info you have about your cancer,
and the actions/attitude in the face of it that you've described are

Please reread the above sentence the next time chemo drugs whack you out and
kick in a depression, and know that I'll be coming back to your site
regularly ... still looking to be turned on, but in a more profound way.

I'm counting on you.

BTW, a prominent "latest news" link right on the first page would help people
keep track of your progress and pull harder for you.

B.J. Worsham


Your site is great!  Simple, clean, and full of information.  It is great to
see you enjoying riding. I am sure you get this question a lot, but after
reading you site I want to know how you are doing.  You are probably asked
that a thousand times as well as the sympathetic "I'm sorry".  It gets old.
I know. Keep riding and keep the positive attitude.


I loved it...very inspiring...no garbage, straight to the cut! Just what I wanted to read. It's great! Keep up the good work and hopefully I get to see you race one day..even on TV!-

Romi- Australia

By the way i love your disclaimer its shit your pants funny

and about harley's i here i dont like them.  why spend  35,000 on a bike tht can only go 180 km/h when you can spend 14,000 on a bike that can go 180km/h in the curbs anyway keep up the pages man and see at the cross road  Tiff

later Red Rider


Dear Tiffany,

though I am a guy, I think guys who spend the time to defame others on the internet are just a little jealous inside especially when its a woman who takes the stage and is making a name for themselves. I have experienced this with a female friend that I helped to promote a website for. not many people are willing to put themselves out for all to see and are scared because they have something to hide. guys coming online to defame need to just think about what they are doing, some men can handle it and are comfortable with themselves that they can accept a woman for her accomplishments and some just cannot. two words : grow up!-

John Chen

Boy, some people (like a certain Hayabusa340) need to get over their child molestation and small weiner size, overcompensated by the biggest crotch implant they could find. I had some hate mail before but this is just ridiculous. Pretty, intelligent, articulated, and some serious rider to boot, you are one hell of a bitch!!! YEAH!!! Keep pissing people off, the bitch and moan column makes my day any day! Wishing you the best, 

Pierre a.k.a. XVI


Your site is great. I have been looking at alot of the sites on the net and
well damm this just rocks!  Great Job!!

        Later SNOTAZ


Dear Tiffany,

just another bike enthusiast here.i was surfin through your site. I must say, job well done. Whats with the idiots in your "bitch-N-moan" segment? Obviously they have never riden eh? Have they ever riden one, they would know the feeling the bike generates when you're riding...(freedom, pride, no care in the world when riding...least for me) I noticed you had a few advertisements about cancer on your site. (which is what prompted me in emailing you) I like to surf bike sites and you dont see too many with of those. I lost my father 5 months ago to skin cancer (melanoma...spelling?) which ended in lung cancer. He also was a bike enthusiast. He bought his first bike the year i was born, 27 years ago. We always talked about going to Sturgis together but our scheduals just worked out. Although, he has sinced passed I am planning a run (on his bike, honda Goldwing) there this year in memory of him. I noticed one of your "bitch-N-moaners" was bitching about you having a cancer warning, guess i didnt know you couldn't warn people about it without having it......anyways, normally i dont email people about their sites, just check it out and on to the next. But after seeing how ignorant people can be I wanted to say great job! Plus i like chattin with beautiful women..*smiles*.....ok ok, i know that was pretty cheesey. But hey, what do you expect from a army man!!

Ride smart, Ride safe, Keep riding!....Oh, almost forgot, I have a harley, whats with the lil' dude takin a leak on the logo??!! *smiles*

Yours Truly,



Hey Tiffany- No attempt to be cute, annoying, whatever here. I just wanted to commend you for all your strength in your battle with cancer and the chemo. I lost my father to cancer when I was real young, but not without a fight. I hope you will never stop fighting. I'm not sure why I was compelled to fire off my encouragement, it isn't like I have some divine words of wisdom to offer you. I just certainly hope that things will turn out fine, and that even though the rest of your life will never be the same, it'll still be great. I face my own hurdles in life with regards to what I want to do and be, and maybe seeing someone else whom is strong and not going to take any sh*t helps me to do the same. Anyhow - great web site, and ride safe.

Joel H.


Your website is awesome and it is an excellent showcase for hot chicks like ourselves who have a passion for sport/streetbikes. We need more people like you to prove to the world that women are just as capable as men to ride bikes! On a serious note, I was both saddened and inspired to read about your fight with cancer. Your hopeful attitude is inspiring, and your passion for living life is great. Without sounding like a bag of cheese, I am proud of you- and I don't even know you. And perhaps that's why you were placed on this earth- to inspire other women. You have inspired me and I wish only the best for you. You will be in my prayers. Anyways, I love your website and maybe someday when I have my bike, I'll cruise down from Sacramento to Vegas and we'll go through the drive through together. (LOL) Keep kickin' ass and savin' gas...

Lexi- Sacramento, Ca


Hi, Just a few lines to say that it is great to see somebody so enthusiastic about biking. You are obviously a very brave person for getting through your ordeal with cancer and showed great spirit to get out there straight away on your bike.

Stuart- U.K


Good luck with your Cancer treatments Women like you, give us women the nerve to try out surperbikes!


Thanks Crystal





I appreciate that you post criticizing email as well as praise. I personally don't understand the desire to sit down and waste precious moments at the keyboard, only to inform someone that you don't care for them. (loosely put) Thanks for a fun site. keep up the good work. And most of all, on behalf of every sportbike rider in the land, thanks for your valuable info on the lost art of "riding bitch" (excuse the term) If only there was a way to broadcast that info to the population of curb monkeys who occupy the sidewalks of american cities everywhere. I have resorted to installing a seat cowl on my R6 to avoid the prospect of an incompetent passenger. Maybe there's hope.

Ride on -Jason


Tiffany, First off...you rock! This is the best girl-bike-site I've seen!! I've already linked you up with your banner, but was wondering if you'd like to submit some pics for our gallery?!?! We love to see women taking an active role in motorsports and we'd like to show you off to the world!! Let me know if you need any help with anything. Thanks and keep kicking ass!!   




Just wanted to say great site and especially thanks for the pillion 101 page. It helped lot's just like you said it would. 

Cheers, Phillip


You strength gives us strength, your fight makes us want to fight, your heart points us in the right direction. Maybe I can see you race the up coming year and I could get some advice. Tijuan (97 ducati sp 900) Your the shit.   -Via Email